People, in small doses

I love people, albeit in small doses. I’m not sure which -trovert that may be, because I don’t bear crowds too well, but on the other hand, prefer not to be alone when going about my activities.

I’ve made the deepest connections somewhat randomly too. Where in a fit of risk-taking passion on a subject topic, you encounter another creature, an absolute stranger, of the same kind as you.

I’ve spent hours in coffee and conversation with someone I met on Twitter with a similar reflective spirit. Since then we’ve just talked about our lives – where we are, where we think we are headed. And somehow have been able to operate in such a way as to affirm each other’s “calling” based on what we know of each other’s passion.  We usually average 3 hours per conversation talking about anything from spirituality to permaculture to… anything.

Another friend, we met after the elections fever, at a meeting of concerned young adults at TTDI McDonald’s. And today we’ve friended each other on Facebook, talked about creative collaboration, and a tiny conversation has sparked off me giving this blog a new direction. You know who you are!

Someone else, we have met at an event I attended, where I learned she was working with a politician as a research analyst. We started to take walks together at Kiara, have lunches at malls, and I’ve just been able to tap her brains and encourage each other to grow. We still text each other once in a while.

I was also privileged to celebrate Hari Raya with a friend that I had met at an event campaigning against racism. Since then we’ve been talking to each other about life and the deeper things – and I’ve even had the privilege to tour a mosque with this friend!

At another occasion I sat next to a speaker, and we began to talk a lot about life and shared ideals. Certainly has one of the biggest hearts and minds that I know and someone whom I have one of the deepest admiration for.

One of my closest friends of 11 – 12 years was one with whom I served with at my church’s outreach to the homeless people. Beyond that church ministry, we began to meet to talk about the books we read, the things we loved and share the journey of out lives. It is beautiful to be able to share our hearts deeply with someone, and in so doing to share their greatest joys. She recently tied the knot, and I as an insider was so privileged to know what had gone in her mind and heart – I wept in joy.

One of my favourite books of all time is C.S. Lewis’ The Four Loves, which captures so well the essence of friendship, eros, affection and phileo. If my memory stays true to me, he said that friends find each other when bound together by a common thread, a common obsession, a common ideal. And such friends when bound together – when they find that magic moment where they say “Me too! I thought I was the only one!” – often times feel like that they stand alone in a world of others.

How true it is, isn’t it. And as a saying goes, “Deep calls to deep”.

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