Spiritual Disciplines


This year I’ve had the great joy of knowing two of my classmates up close, working on two assignments together. During crunch time, we see each other often, and for hours and days. Over time, I would be accustomed to breaks for the performance of prayers on the part of my friends (2-ish, 5-ish and 7-ish from what I gather) while I “held the fort”, seemingly unbound by such regulation.

Entering Advent this morning, I dusted off my YouVersion plans page and found a stash of unread plans. I flushed most of them out, leaving only a few ones on justice and compassion, friendship and the one I had chosen for advent. Typical of a haphazard quiet-timee, I devoured all three plans hungrily, and shared lessons with different communities I was in.

By nightfall, I found I had nothing to read and went to my Pray-As-You-Go prayer app. As usual, regular stops with God refreshes the soul, and I wonder why I don’t do it more often.

If my friends can have five pauses a day, why not I, even with two? Everyday, habitually? In a country where our first creed is belief in God, what is stopping me from saying, “Excuse me, please give me 15 minutes to pray”? Is it this driven obsession for productivity that keeps me saying “just another 15 minutes of work”?

Daniel prayed three times a day, and that earned him the lion’s den in which he submitted to, like a kind of civil disobedience. Would I be thrown into prison for being adamant in my spiritual disciplines?

I’m quite certain I would not…

I am doing “Christmas starts with Christ“, a 28-day Advent devotional series by Tearfund.


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