Waiting for others


I was in the queue one day, waiting my turn to reach the cashier. The lady before me was taking an unusually long time to rummage through her bag after having had her items checked out.

Very quickly, I felt my usual impatient thoughts begin to rise – “I don’t have time for this”, “She’s testing my patience”, “How inconsiderate can she be.”

However something else came into my head and heart that day. “It looks like she has quite a handful to manage. I know those days when I need more time to manage my things, especially my messy handbag.” And then something else said, “Give her the dignity of being a human person (as opposed to a machine) by waiting. Love by giving her space, by giving her time.”

I smiled, grateful at the saving thought that she was created in the image of God; that as a person I too knew what it is like to just need space without being rushed – and gladly waited my turn.


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