A North American prayer

A North American prayer

Our God,
We have made you over a thousand times
in our image:
a machismo God,
desperate for superiority,
anxious for homage,
dominating,a sensuous god,
adoring riches,
devouring possessions,
a national god,
flexing muscles,
subduing nations,
a tribal deity,
who mocks the power of gentleness,
the strength of weakness,
the victory of surrender.
Forgive us, our God,
for worshipping images
of our brokenness,
not yours.

Forgive us, our God,
for fearing
the broken God on the cross,
poor, frail, agonising, triumphant.
Smash our idols, opulent, warlike,
restless deities
who bear no resemblance
to our brother, Jesus Christ

Our God,
make us over,
a thousand times,
in your image.


A Peace Treasury: A Collection of Prayers and Meditations from around the World (1999)

Photograph (C) Debbie YM Loh: A bust of Zeus at the British Museum, London


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