I would rather have a learning spirit, than teachability in myself and others. An independent learner is a thinker who gleans through materials with a passion for inquiry, reason and to seek the truth. A teachable person is a passive recipient from whoever he calls his mentor, with no mind of her own. When I think of a learner, I think of those who, at the time of the Lollards treasured the Bible in its English translation – to learn for themselves, to discover God for themselves. (This was even wrested from them after the death of John Wycliffe.) When I think of the teachable, I think of those contented with the unreachable Latin version and being teachable, blind to the bullying done by those in authority. The Reformation was built by learners for others to be learners too. How do we learn? By replacing compliant teachability with a learning spirit.

The Reformation has left an indelible mark on the Christianity and the world today – both good and bad, in every sphere of life. As we commemorate its 500th anniversary this year, I hope to learn more on the Reformation and to reflect on the past and how they have influenced today, and perhaps, find some gems for living tomorrow.


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